Kamal Hassan’s tweet on Amma’s death sparked controversy

kamal-hassan15th December was a black day for the people of Tamil Nadu, as their Amma had passed away.

While the whole country was mourning the death of TN CM J Jayalalitha, south superstar Kamal Hassan sparked controversy about her death with his tweet.

Kamal tweeted “Deep sympathy for all those who depend on jayalalitha.”

Relation between Hassan and Jayalalitha were not that good. In 2013 Kamal blammed Jayalalitha and her government for banning his movie – Vishvarupam. However, at that time state government had announced that, Vishvarupam’s release can have a negative impact on the state and violance would be the result.

Contrary to what many think, the film was not banned due to any rivalry.

Superstars from Rajnikanth to Big B, and politicians from across the nation had condoled her death but such comment from Hassan was not expected at all.

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